Green Printing

Tiny acorns grow into great oaks...but it takes a long time!   At Acorn Graphics, we are conscious of our environmental footprint.   Paper is renewable and recyclable but it must be managed responsibly.  Here are a few things we do to reduce our environmental footprint:

  • Acorn recycles all paper products that we don't ship out.
  • Forest Stewardship Council certified papers (FSC certified) are available for almost all job types.  
  • Unlike many shops in Calgary, we recycle all our digital toners and metal plates.  
  • We make a daily effort to reduce waste in our print set up (getting the colour right before running a job) and we order only as much paper as we need for each job.
  • Our equipment is only running when it is in use rather than wasting power keeping it in operation 24-7.   

If green-friendly printing is important to you, call us to discuss the best way to protect your print quality and the environment.